CNCV represents the future of Niños con Valor.

Imagine a beautiful plot of land just outside of the city, where up to 80 children live together in 8 small, family-style homes, where children with special needs have access to on-site therapy, and where brothers and sisters are able to share life together every single day.

We are on the way to making this a reality, a community project that will bring together our two residential homes, and allow for growth to meet the increasing demand for our integrated care. It will serve as a model for other agencies providing alternative child care throughout Bolivia, expanding our reach far beyond the children living in the community.

The land will be divided into three key sections, a residential block, a “green” block, and a support block.

The residential block will eventually include a total of 8 houses, built in a style that promotes community, and that are fully accessible, capable of receiving any child no matter what special need he or she may be living with. These new homes will be smaller – just ten kids per home – and we will increase our staff-to-child ratio so that each child receives the individualized attention required.

The “green” block will be a space for growing food, raising chickens, and of course – having fun! Leaving behind the design and space limitations of rental homes, we will be able to create a truly wonderful place where our children can heal and flourish.

And perhaps one of the greatest additions will be a support block, including onsite therapy. With over half of our children are living with some special need – some with learning difficulties, others needing physical therapy, and many requiring regular care to assist with HIV or other chronic medical conditions – this project will help meet all of these needs, as well as provide regular medical and dental care to each child.