Get involved


We love volunteers and some of our projects wouldn’t function the same without them. We offer short- and long-term opportunities, and make every effort to place you based on your experience, skills and interests. In addition, you can volunteer from at home, without the Spanish lessons and plane ticket. We need people to champion our work, whatever country they live in.

Come as a Team

Teams play an important role in our work as well, providing much needed support for larger one-time projects. We have had teams paint rooms, build a playground, organize and run events for the kids such as a week of VBS – the sky is the limit! We coordinate plans with the team leader, to ensure the best possible experience for your time here in Bolivia.

Become a Partner

All the money donated to our foundation is invested directly into our projects with virtually no out-of-country administrative costs, so you can be assured that the money is getting where you want to send it. If you, your business, your church, or even a like-minded group of friends is interested in partnering with us financially, please send us a message! Click the link below to meet some of our current partners.

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