Why volunteer with NCV?

NCV is a one of a kind organization. Our work in Bolivia is actually breaking the cycle of poverty in the lives of our children and giving them hope and a future. The staff and volunteers tirelessly give their
hearts and energy to these kids.

Your contribution as a volunteer would help NCV continue to provide the outstanding care we strive to give our children every day.

What Do Volunteers Do for NCV?

Volunteers with NCV help with many different tasks in either or both of the homes. Most volunteers come as “Caretaker Assistants.” Caretaker Assistants (CAs) are volunteers who help in one of our residential homes with everything from cleaning and cooking to homework help and taking the children on excursions. CAs help the children get ready for the day (changing diapers, helping with teeth brushing and dressing, braiding hair, etc.), walk kids to school, help out with homework and much more. These volunteers spend their time building relationships with the kids and with the staff, and they strive to help the homes to run more smoothly. They can also contribute to the homes by incorporating a talent, skill or interest of theirs (like teaching origami, piano or English-more on this is below).

Volunteers who are fluent in Spanish and stay a longer amount of time may also be able to help out in a greater variety of ways. These volunteers can help with communicating to our support base, work with
our child sponsorship program, provide workshops to our staff and/or children, and create one-time and/ or sustainable programs to invest in the development of our children.

We are also always looking for people who can volunteer for an extended period to help out in website design, social media presence, photography and video production.

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