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Greetings from Cochabamba!

When young, it is difficult to accept that we've grown out of our favorite sweater and that it's time to give it to our younger brother who fits it better. It is difficult to move homes and change schools, no longer see our old friends and no longer be surrounded by the familiar environment that we grew up in. Even the smallest changes, while challenging, help us to grow in new ways. One of the most difficult parts of growing up is defining who we want to be. What does our dream house look like? What is our dream job? What sort of family do we want? It is daunting, but also empowering to think about what we can do along our life's journey to accomplish our aspirations.

This month we focused on these life questions, organizing our hopes and dreams and planning our futures.

Peace and Blessings,



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From our youngest toddlers to our oldest girls, each of our kids has a niche in our Niños con Valor family, and each has a responsibility to care for their home. This month, we worked with the little ones on developing their social skills. As part of the family, they too get to help clean up, wash clothes, set the table, and keep the playroom tidy.

After a long day of learning and collaborating on house-hold chores, our little "pedacitos" got a good bath and well-earned nap. Sweet dreams after a hard day of work!

Cansados Image 1     Cansados Image 2

Above Left: Alejo parking the cars where they belong.
Above Right: Abran arranging the cars.

Cansados Image 3     Cansados Image 4

Above Left: Mateo setting the table for lunch.
Above Right: Alejo praying with the other boys.

Cansados Image 5     Cansados Image 6

Above Left: Abran clearing the table.
Above Right: The littlest ones taking their bath!

Cansados Image 7     Cansados Image 8

Above Left: Mateo resting after an exhausting day of work
Above Right: Abran taking a nap after his bath

A Wonderful Surprise!

After our three oldest girls moved into the Sendero de Esperanza apartment and Lourdes moved out of Corazón del Pastor, we felt blessed to receive five-year-old Clara into our girls' home. Clara's warm smile and sweet temperment quickly endeared all of the "tías," and the other youngsters welcomed another playmate. Nevertheless, Clara has been going through a lot, and given her difficult situation has many fears especially during the night. With patience, good humor, and a lot of love, we hope to give Clara confidence and security. We will show her that Corazón del Pastor is her home, and we are her family!

Sorpresa Image 1     Sorpresa Image 2

Above Left: Clara, smiling in her new home.
Above Right: And playing in her new backyard.

Sorpresa Image 3     Sorpresa Image 4

Above Left: Alayna and Clara, playing on the slide.
Above Right: With Tía Maritza, the mama of our girls.

SDE banner

Spiritual activities are always fulfilling; spending moments together with God makes us better people. The community of La Trinidad church has been very supportive of our Corazón del Pastor girls. Tía Georgia has been working on a project with the girls to raise funds for outdoor excursions, extracurricular activities, and generally to promote health and well-being in the homes. The girls have been learning to bake cakes and brownies and to market their goodies as a fundraiser. The girls' moist carrot cake with cream cheese frosting was a huge hit in the Trinidad Church. The girls have taken ownership and pride in this project, and gained a lot of confidence in seeing their hard work pay off.

Emprendimiento Image 1     Emprendimiento Image 2

Above Left: Our pastor preparing communion.
Above Right: Nohemi listening attentively to the words of the pastor.

Emprendimiento Image 3     Emprendimiento Image 4

Above Left: Paty and Teresa leaving the service.
Above Right: Displaying the cakes to the community at church.

PDC banner

Although only an apartment of three inhabitants, without a garden or shed like in the Corazón del Pastor home, the younger girls have dubbed the big girls' new apartment 'La Casa Grande' (The Big House). The little girls had a blast visiting 'La Casa Grande' and imagining the day when they would move into their own Sendero de Esperanza apartment.

The conversations ranged from, "When we are living here and I am a doctor my room will be pink and yours violet," to "I am going to be a teacher and this is going to be my room."

Visita Image 1

Above: Chatting with the Sendero de Esperanza girls

Visita Image 2     Visita Image 3

Above Left: Getting to know the rooms.
Above Right: Thinking about how to decorate the girls' rooms.

Visita Image 4     Visita Image 5

Above Left: Zamora eating a delicious sandwich.
Above Right: Victoria eating her snack just like Zamora.

Visita Image 6     Visita Image 7

Above Left: All of the little ones sharing cake while listening to the news.
Above Right: After snack-time, washing plates and leaving them to dry.

Exploring our New Backyard

After some long days of work cleaning, organizing, and doing chores in the home, our Pedacito boys got to enjoy a day of exploring their new backyard. Not only is our new Pedacito de Cielo homier, the location is more tranquil, far from the fumes and noise of the city below.

The boys now wake to birds chirping, and if they listen carefully they can hear the lambs, chickens, and cows living nearby. Just out their backdoor they now have an expansive play-space, chocked full of rocks, plants, and insects to play with. Exploring the hill above their home, the boys observed Cochabamba from above, breathed in the fresh air, and thoroughly enjoyed their day of adventure.

Explorando Image 1     Explorando Image 2

Above Left: Fueling up on bananas to continue exploring!
Above Right: What a view.

Explorando Image 3     Explorando Image 4

Above Left: Looking down on the path from the highest point.
Above Right: Now, time to descend... Carefully please!

Explorando Image 5     Explorando Image 6

Above Left: Bemabe running free in the countryside.
Above Right: Observing the hills behind the new Pedacito de Cielo home.

PDC banner

Sometimes we are hesitant to share our goals even with our family and closest friends, muchless admit them to ourselves. Nevertheless, the process of articulating what we hope to accomplish can be very formative. It is exciting to watch our girls take charge of their lives, make plans for the future, and have the confidence to share these dreams. Under the creative supervision of Marcela and Paty, the girls created a collage of drawings, images, words, and colors to capture their future lives on paper. The presentations their Life Plans was a beautiful celebration of the girls' individuality, initiative, and opportunity-filled futures.

When young, dreaming is like planting a small seed with a little fertilizer. Hard work, determination, and positive thoughts nourish this little seed. Before long this seed grows into a vigorous plant rich in fruits.

Futuro Image 1     Futuro Image 2

Above Left: Mariela constucting her dream house.
Above Right: Kattia presenting her collage.

Futuro Image 3     Futuro Image 4

Above Left: Adriana meticulously adding details to her house.
Above Right: Zamora showing her project.

Futuro Image 5     Futuro Image 6

Above Left: Nohemi shyly describing her dreams.
Above Right: Adriana articulating that poverty and lack of support can limit success and growth.

When we are confronted with adversity, we must learn to have courage, to adapt and to accept change. Thus is life. Change—although hard—can bring wonderful surprises. Ultimately, if we remain optimistic, we follow our hearts, and we feel the love of God, we will realize our goals. With strength, perseverence, and pluck we can fulfill our potential, bringing joy and opportunity to others.

Peace and Love from all the kids, staff and volunteers of Niños con Valor.

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