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  April 2015 Newsletter  
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Good Morning NCV family!

Life is full of changes. We live, we learn, we grow. We build relationships, celebrate births, remember those we have lost. This month, we are going to share about change, the role it plays in our work with children, and why it is such an important part of our lives!

Peace and Blessings,
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¡Celebrating Childhood!
Clearly, one of the most important stages of life we celebrate as an organization is childhood. Every April 12th, Bolivia celebrates Día del Niño (Children's Day), and the Niños con Valor board always plans a special day for our boys and girls. This year, we all joined together as a family at the house of one of our board members, Claudia, for some fun in the pool, to slide down an inflatable slide, and to share a great meal.
moda loca image Fun on the inflatable slide. moda loca image Everyone into the pool! moda loca image Marcos choosing who to throw the ball to. moda loca image Alandra trying to warm up, as Samuel puts on a water wing. moda loca image Everyone was super hungry. moda loca image Zuleika, Agustina and Natalia digging in. moda loca image Tía Celia eating with our teens. moda loca image Tomás and Claudia comparing goodie bags.
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Growing Up
Since 2012, NCV has been working with our adolescents to help prepare them for adulthood. Starting at 12-years-old, our youth have been supported by our Sendero de Esperanza (Path of Hope) transition program, gaining important life skills, and exploring options for the future as they work on Life Plans aimed at helping them realize their dreams.
hot springs image Testing what was learned in a workshop. hot springs image Cynthia, Adriana and Abigail, after renewing their ID cards. hot springs image Jhoselin, not overly enthused about the line for school registration. hot springs image Laura helping organize the house library. hot springs image Natalia and Cynthia, after qualifying for their yellow belts. hot springs image The advertisement SDE coordinator Liseth sent out, in search of Big Sister mentors. hot springs image Ana, with local artist Alejandra, who gave her some sage advice on planning her future studies. hot springs image The staff, at a workshop run by Tia International, explaining how they support their work with our teens. hot springs image Ana and Sofia presenting CDP with a gift of thanks, for all the support they have received.
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Welcoming Tomás
One of the most important moments in the lives of our children is the day they become a part of the NCV family. Some children arrive directly, having been rescued from unstable family situations or abandoned, some are transferred from other homes unable to provide for their special needs. No matter what they have suffered, our homes represent a new beginning, full of hope and love, a security.

Tomás arrived to Pedacito de Cielo a few weeks ago and, to be honest, was terrified. This sweet little 2-year-old boy had suffered greatly before arriving at another local home in Cochabamba. There, he found a safe home with caring staff, but was unable to receive the specialized attention he required due to neurological damage suffered in his infancy. He didn't get out much, and the car ride up to PDC was a new experience.

Already we are seeing positive changes in Tomás. He is beginning to communicate, adjusting to his new diet, and enjoying the attention of the other boys and the tías. There are too many children in similar situations, children whose parents have abandoned them, who require special support to help them develop and thrive, and though NCV is unable to help every child who needs the type of care we can provide, we are grateful to have Tomás as a part of our family and know that his future has been changed in a dramatic way.
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Expecting the Unexpected
Those of you who have been receiving our prayer letters, have read our requests regarding Paulina. As a result of a very traumatic past, she became pregnant, and is now expecting a child in the next few months. The questions being asked, the decisions she needs to make, are overwhelming for a fourteen year old.

The changes that take place in our lives are often unexpected. Sometimes, because of the actions of others, we face changes that we would never hope for. For Paulina, this pregnancy was never desired, and yet as she contemplates the life growing within her, she has come to find expectation in the unexpected. Despite what she suffered in the years prior to arriving at Corazón del Pastor, she is remembering with fondness the years she spent with her mother before she passed away, and wondering if she could be a good mother as well.

There are many questions, decisions that Paulina and the courts must make before we can be sure what things will look like in the future, but it is a truly beautiful thing to see how even in the worst circumstances, God can transform a situation of despair, into one of hope.
Sponsorship Spotlight
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Manolo joined Pedacito de Cielo in 2009, shortly after it opened. He is an active 8-year-old who loves to play with the other boys and help the tías around the house. Since arriving, his health has been consistently well, and with the additional support he is receiving this year in his new school, we hope to help him overcome some of his learning challenges. His grandmother visits him regularly, and we are working with her to improve her socio-economic situation, so that someday, Manolo can return to live with family.
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Abigail has been a part of our family since 2007. We have always thought of her as a shy, quiet girl, yet in the past year we have seen a big transformation. She is excited to be a teenager and has big dreams for the future. She loves to style the hair of the other girls in the home, and enjoys being a part of the Sendero de Esperanza program. She is grateful for the support she has received in helping her with different medical needs, and has become a confident young women, as well as a positive role model, for all of our children.
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All of our programs seek to provide holistic care, as well as integrate children and families living with various physical and mental health issues, including HIV/AIDS.
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We also host volunteers, who fulfill important roles within our programs. Click here to learn more.
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