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  Fall 2016 Newsletter  
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Changing seasons:
A time for growth
As the leaves change colors in the U.S., Bolivians are seeing the new life that Spring brings.

Ninos con Valor experienced a "wild summer" (winter in the north) with three mission teams and settled back into the routine of school, homework, chores and activities. Each day has different highlights as our children and youth grow and learn. The unique, charming, fun, energetic and thoughtful personalities cannot be contained.

Just like the seasons - our kids are changing in the best possible ways!

Peace and Blessings,
Below, we are excited to share with you a gallery of images from our Fall activities. These pictures were taken in August and September 2016 and capture our "normal" days:
Fall Image One of Claudia's favorite games is to play memory with Pepa Pig Uno cards. Fall Image Fabian amuses himself while Ramiro takes a phone call. Fall Image A precise Samuel carefully lines up his pieces. Fall Image This is Fabiola's "I'm done with my sopa de letras, can you check it for me" face. Fall Image Our fashionista, Tomas. Fall Image An incentive to play educational games is completing worksheets. Agustina is working on a laberinto or maze. Fall Image Marta gazes at Tia Maritza as she eats her snack. Fall Image When not doing chores or homework, you can find Abigail playing chess. Fall Image Eduardo ate all his vegetables! Fall Image Often camera shy, Kattia and Zuleika willingly smile for the camera. Fall Image Alarico is always ready to give a silly face. Fall Image Way to use your head, Cynthia! Fall Image Cristina is strengthening her eyes through a glasses and eye patch technique. Fall Image Paulina and Laura fit two people in a seat for one. Fall Image Zamora wonders, "Do I have something on my face?" Fall Image Sometimes a sneak attack is necessary to get a picture of the shy Fabiola. Fall Image Bemabe goes after a soccer ball before it reaches the clothesline goal. Fall Image Clara combs Johana's hair, while Victoria, Alandra and Karina do their own thing.

Now, we want to share a few additional photo from some very special activities that took place during August and September: 6 de Agosto (Bolivian Independence Day) and 14 de Septiembre (Cochabamba's Anniversary)

Fall Image Mariela had the honor of being a flag bearer, which is a big deal, because she was one of the top students in her grade. Fall Image Alandra marches happily in the Bolivian Independence Day parade. Fall Image Karina smiles even with the intense Cochabamba sun. Fall Image Martina in the back and Bryssa in the front represent their school in the parade. Fall Image Diego and Natalia marched in the 14 de Septiembre parade with their Taekwondo club.
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All of our programs seek to provide holistic care, as well as integrate children and families living with various physical and mental health issues, including HIV/AIDS.
Our home that provides care for up to 24 girls who have been orphaned, abandoned or removed from high-risk situations.
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