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  January 2017 Newsletter  
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Greetings from Cochabamba,

What two words do kids love to hear? Summer vacation, of course! Since summer break in Bolivia is December and January, it coincides with Christmas, the New Year, Kings' Day and this year, a big move for the kids of Niños con Valor and a visit from a Canadian church.

We're excited to share about these updates, and look forward to an awesome 2017 full of growth and transformation.

Peace and Blessings,
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Big Moves, Big Fun
In December, our girls moved to a bigger house further south, and our boys moved into the girls' now vacant house. On the third floor of the boys' home, we set up an apartment for our oldest teens to help get them ready for the eventual move into the Sendero de Esperanza transition home. You cannot beat the view of the El Cristo from their balcony. The boys benefit from having older sisters around and the girls have more independence as an intermediary step to living on their own.

In the new homes, we’ve been sharing some great times during vacations. We’re fortunate to have dedicated staff and volunteers to support our kids. While summer days always seem to go by too quickly, the memories last forever.
Move Image Our chef in the making, Manolo has been helping make lunches. Move Image Eneas and Tia Caitlin skype with a classroom of first graders in Paoli, PA. Move Image Some of the staff take a break after moving Pedacito de Cielo! Move Image Marta and Evelyn are tuckered out after the move. Move Image Karina and Alandra don't know that Marta is photobombing them. Move Image Reading underneath the shade of tree; Laura, Martina and Zuleika utilize their new enclosed lawn area. Move Image Mariela looks refreshed after working out at the closest park to the new girl's home. Move Image Clara smiles even when she is building her muscles! Move Image If you know Tomas, you know he loves water. Here's a creative way of getting a little more H2O. Move Image Agustina channels her inner Katniss. Move Image Fabian enjoys his car time and now he has a wide open space to cruise around. Move Image Ice cream and fruitcake, Pedro has plenty to smile about. Move Image Claudia overcame her initial fear to ride the horse for Equine Therapy. Move Image Cynthia found a new friend. Move Image Zamora looks like she's been riding horses for years. Move Image Bemabe, Luis and Alarico participated in soccer camp twice a week during the summer. Move Image Cristina and Marta go hand in hand to play in their separate playroom. Move Image Johana and Paty clean their new mini kitchen.
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O Canada!
A big thank you to the Commons team hailing from Canada! They were here for two weeks in January and were a welcome burst of fun and laughter to both the homes.

Besides planning activities like dancing, making and breaking piñatas, volcanos, play-doh, park days and games, they organized a staff appreciation video and card making AND watched all of the kids for over six hours to allow for staff training. This team is uh-mazing!!! We are grateful for their willingness to do whatever was needed and how much love they showed to our kids.

Thank you Jeanette, Matt, Sarah, Vaneesa, Gabe, Susan N, Zoe and Susan S!!!
Canada Image Zoe stands by an almost complete wall to the homework center, which includes a chalkboard in the center. There is also a computer lab and library. Canada Image And... The finished product! Canada Image Vaneesa painted with purpose, getting this room edged and painted with several coats in less than 3 hours. Canada Image A special surprise for the Tias, thank you cards from the kids. Canada Image Victoria smiles at Sarah before adding another strip of newspaper. Canada Image Kattia and Zoe help a clearly excited Cynthia with the last of the Saran Wrap game. Canada Image Susan acts as encourager and timekeeper for Marcos as he tries to get to the prize with socks on his hands. Canada Image Gabe tries to open up the rest of the piñata to the delight of the kids. Canada Image Jeanette fixed most of the broken bicycles while teaching the boys. Canada Image Tia Genara and Tia Maritza get into making objects with beans and toothpicks. Canada Image The team breaking it down with the girls at Fabiola's 15th birthday celebration. Canada Image During some downtime, skipping with the kids, as Molly keeps the puppy and Fabian from wrestling. Canada Image The team walking back with the boys and girls from church on Sunday morning. Canada Image Gabe's Rubik's cube skills were a huge hit. Canada Image Spaghetti and bean tower construction - game on! Canada Image The team and all of the kids up at the Cristo statue. Canada Image Susan and Johana getting ready to attack one of 5 "interminable" pizzas. Canada Image One of the many dance interludes during the team's two weeks with us. Canada Image And one of the many interludes to chat and laugh. Canada Image Carlos and the boys prepping a welcome BBQ for the team's arrival.
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Staff Retreat
Thanks to a generous donation we received, and the help of volunteers and the Commons team, we were able to hold two half-day retreats with all of our staff in December and January.

In December, we focused on team building, and on planning out the themes and major activities for 2017. Our themes for 2017 are:
  • Jan: The Future is Mine
  • Feb: "Mirror, mirror"
  • Mar: Education and Professionalism
  • Apr: Values
  • May: Family
  • Jun: Bolivia and Biodiversity
  • Jul: Getting to Know our World
  • Aug: Art of Every Form
  • Sep: Emotional Management
  • Oct: Health
  • Nov: Networks and Spiderwebs
  • Dec: Looking back at 2017!
Then, in January, we had a refresher on the vision, mission and objectives of Niños con Valor, and worked through each team members roles and responsbilities.

These times were great for solidifying the relationships of the people who are taking on the important role of substitute parents for our children, and for forming a unified vision as we head into a new and exciting year.
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Sponsorship Spotlight: Luis
Luis, and his brother Pedro, arrived at the end of last year due to their health needs, and the precarious home situation they were living in.

Since joining the Pedacito de Cielo family, they have adjusted well, made friends with the other boys, and gotten in the home's routine. Luis enjoys soccer, playing with the other younger boys, and increasingly - getting in the mischief.

As he is one of our newest children, we are looking for sponsors to help us provide for his needs as he grows. If you would like to learn more about sponsorship, please visit our sponsorship page to learn how you can do so!
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Christmas and Kings
Christmas is a magical time of year, and were blessed to be able to provide our children with such a happy end to 2016. It is a time for family, for giving and receiving, and for reflecting on God's love for each of us. A huge "thanks" to Elevation, a church in Canada who raised funds to help make our meal and celebration an especially wonderful time.

January 6th is Dia de Reyes in Bolivia. It is the celebration of the arrival of the 3 kings, otherwise known as wisemen, who visited the baby Jesus and brought him gifts. In Bolivia children are given gifts and often this day is celebrated with a "chocolatada" (hot chocolate and cake or some other sweet). The NCV adaptation is a secret santa between all of the kids. The loveliest part about it was watching the big reveal of their secret santa and the cute hug before the gift was open.
Christmas Image And the stocking were hung by the indoor balcony with care... Christmas Image Tia Carolina and Paola spent hours shopping and packing the gift bags and stockings for the kids. Christmas Image Jhoselin flashing her beautiful smile before opening her stocking. Christmas Image Manolo was excited about every little thing, including his shampoo! Christmas Image Marta spent the rest of the day pushing her new doll around in a baby carriage. Christmas Image Diego took each item out carefully, one by one. Christmas Image Natalia getting ready to open her Christmas gifts. Christmas Image Timoteo all smiles to see his new Avengers cologne set. Christmas Image Nohemi got the backpack she was hoping for. Christmas Image The whole family, together for a wonderful Christmas celebration. Christmas Image Fabian receives help from his Secret Santa, Paty. Christmas Image Karina and Martina share a sweet hug. Christmas Image Ramiro is overjoyed with all snacks he will get to eat. Christmas Image Zuleika gets a little hug from Luis, as everyone else giggles. Christmas Image Jhoselin hugs and thanks Abigail for her gift. Christmas Image Treat time for Zuleika, Paulina, Martina, Alarico, Eneas and little Cristina. How do they all fit on the couch?!? Christmas Image On the other side of the room, Agustina, Tia Karen, Clara, Paty, Eduardo, Tio Carlos and Diego take a break. Christmas Image Christmas and Kings' Day were both fun and exhausting... Good thing there are always great tias like Rossmery to lean on :)
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Celebrate Good Times!
There were many more reasons to celebrate over the vacations: Alandra's birthday, Kattia and Fabiola's quinceaños, and our annual Moda Loca.

A quinceneara is special celebration for 15-year-old girls who are passing into womanhood. At NCV each girl decides if she wants a party, a nice meal with all the girls in the house or to travel. Fortunately there are many helpful older sisters who can give advice :) No matter what the event, it is always a grand spectacle you don't want to miss!

The Moda Loca is a NCV event, created to do something special before school begins again. Each boy, girl, volunteer and staff member chooses something crazy to wear, and strut their stuff down the runway. Hoots and hollers follow!
Celebrate Image Fabiola dancing the waltz with brother Eduardo. Celebrate Image Paola shares some words of encouragement. Celebrate Image Maritza with a group of Fabiola's "damitas". Celebrate Image Fabiola posing for a photos with the staff of Corazón del Pastor. Celebrate Image Fabiola and Tio Tyson. Celebrate Image Agustina, Zamora and Tia Carolina trying out some marshmallows dipped in chocolate. Celebrate Image Fabiola taking a traditional bite of her cake, as her sister gets ready to "help" her. Celebrate Image And here is the result! Celebrate Image Kattia's quinceaños was a bit different, a day out at a resort center for a meal and some swimming with her CdP family. Celebrate Image Paola didn't let her escape the cake though. Celebrate Image Kattia and Jeanette taking the plunge! Celebrate Image Claudia, Marta and Cristina dipping their toes in the pool. Celebrate Image Our teens spent most of the day lounging around, enjoying the sunshine. Celebrate Image Eneas, our little Spider-Man, ready for the Moda Loca. Celebrate Image Without a doubt, the BEST hairstyles ever! Celebrate Image Yes, these actually are the directors of Niños con Valor. Celebrate Image Paulina with her daughter Cristina, both dressed to party. Celebrate Image Tia Caitlin smiling for a photo with Super Samuel. Celebrate Image Tia Ana, with out little Lion Ramiro.
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