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  Spring 2017 Newsletter  
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Friends, family
Greetings from Cochabamba,

After a full summer of celebrations and special activities, we settle back into the routine of school, dentist appointments, homework and extra-curricular activities. Not all was routine however! We shared in the 15th birthday celebration of a girl who has been with us since we opened our first home, and received a team of wild youth from a church in Canada!

We hope you enjoy the photos and updates, and please check out the news about our Children's Day Campaign.

Peace and Blessings,
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Our Day to Day
The new school year started, which also meant new schools for many of our kids, since both homes moved in December.

Even though the kids wouldn't probably say that they are glad to be back in school, the routine is helpful for everyone. There is also an even split between morning and afternoon school. Each session is about four hours of instruction. This means a sometimes chaotic transition during the lunch hour - so we are very grateful for our tremendous staff!
Day to Day Image Cristina lounging after a hard morning of play. Day to Day Image Timoteo quizzes Manolo on his times tables. Day to Day Image Victoria and Clara give Mari a hand. Day to Day Image Sisterly love with Cynthia and Mariela. Day to Day Image Paulina patiently teaches Natalia a song on the piano. Day to Day Image Fabian and Victoria pretend they are going on a trip. Day to Day Image Sandra and Marta are perfect partners, walking hand-in-hand. Day to Day Image Tomas getting to know his horse at equine therapy. Day to Day Image Manolo, super excited on his birthday.
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February and March birthdays included: Eneas, Mariela, Manolo, Alarico, Laura, Agustina and Adriana!

During the season of Carnaval, which starts in Oruro the last weekend of February and continues on in each major city in Bolivia, we had our first carnival with games and prizes for the kids and tias. Things started out slowly, as it was a new concept to earn tickets to exchange for prizes. After the first hour, it clicked for all of the kids - and the mayhem ensued.
Fair Image Natalia goes for three across while Eneas and Alarico wait their turn. Fair Image Manolo works on his putting as Luis and Tio Greg cheer him on. Fair Image Tia Ninfa helps Sandra pick a lollipop, as Tia Catherine waits to let her know how many tickets she won. Fair Image Nohemi and Evelyn get their exercise in the jump rope game. Fair Image Who wants a cupcake? Fair Image Ramiro tries to catch a duck. Fair Image Though the go-carts were mostly for the younger kids, Cynthia took a turn. Fair Image Cristina spent most of her time with Tia Teresa at the ducks on the pond game. Fair Image One of the volunteers said they loved to see the faces of the kids when they finally had enough tickets for the prize they wanted all morning. Thank you to all the volunteers for making this day so special!
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Children's Day Campaign
Join us for the second part of our Children's Day campaign. It started on March 12 and will end on April 12, which is Children's Day in Bolivia. It's an excellent opportunity to share why you support and love Ninos con Valor. You can get our daily updates through Facebook or through our fundraising site, Crowdrise.com.

The statistics are difficult to see, but it is the reality for too many children in Bolivia:
  • Children (0-18) make up 42% of the population
  • 60% of children live in poverty
  • 29% of children live in situation without functioning bathrooms or sanitation
  • 15% do not have secure access to water
  • 40% will never finish high school
  • 83% are victims of physical or psychological violence in their homes and/or schools
  • 23% suffer sexual abuse
  • In 77% of rape cases, the parents are the aggressors
  • Over 10,000 Bolivian children call the streets their homes
  • Over 1,400 Bolivian children live in the prison system with one of their parents
  • 75% of children living in residential care have relatives that could potentially care for them
  • 7 out of 10 Bolivian children have been yelled at or physically hit in the school
  • Every day, there are 3 cases of child rape brought to the police
While many agencies are doing good work, NCV focuses on a holistic approach including good nutrition, addressing medical needs, spiritual direction, emotional wellness, education and empowerment. We also help our teens prepare for the transition to adulthood. Starting when they turn 12-years-old this process begins and continues in support up to the age of 18. Through scholarships, the transitional home allows them to pursue their own pathway post-secondary education.

Your support will go towards ensuring these children receive quality, family-style care, and will help us replicate our model through collaboration with other agencies in Bolivia.
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Remembering "El Jefe"
On March 16th, Niños con Valor suffered a great loss, when Jeff "El Jefe" Zanniker passed away suddenly. Jeff led our strategic planning committee, was passionate about creating stability and opportunities for our children, and was a great role model for both our staff and kids.The kids all remember him fondly for the trips he made to Bolivia, and each one of them is so much better for having had him in their lives.

We'll miss Jeff a ton, and continue to hold his wife and three daughters in our prayers.
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Welcome Elevation
We had an energetic team of nine from Waterloo, Canada. You can see the pure joy from our kids as they play and build relationships with the Elevation Team. Thank you to Mel, Graham, Owen, Tiffany, Dante, Safaye, Austin, Abby and Jenna.

Besides working on tie-dye shirts, playing games like mini stick (hockey with small hockey sticks) and drip-drip-drop, painting nails, and going to Pairumani... they built a much needed storage shed at Corazón del Pastor!
Elevation Image A rousing rendition of "We Will Rock You". Elevation Image Dante shows off his piano skills and Mariela hams it up. Elevation Image Mari the monkey with Safaye. Elevation Image How cute are Luis, Pedro and Eneas? Elevation Image Johana, Nohemi and Evelyn stopped about halfway through a hike to take in the scenery. Elevation Image After a tough hike, everyone was ready to dip their feet in the river at Pairumani. Elevation Image Mini sticks!!! Elevation Image Mariela helps Fabian scoot around on the go-carts. Elevation Image Apparently Tia Lizzy is the only one happy making her bracelet. Paty is sleeping and Bryssa is concentrating? Elevation Image How precious! Jenna and Mari and Abby and Sandra. Elevation Image Ramiro might have a problem playing mini stick when sitting on the "puck". Elevation Image The team worked hard on building and painting the shed. We appreciate you! Elevation Image Minute to win it, skittles edition. Elevation Image Timoteo prepares for the cup stacking game. Elevation Image Thank you Elevation! We had SO much fun. Elevation Image Now it's time for ice cream at Donal!
Mariela Image
Mariela's Quince Años
Arriving way back in August 2006, just a month after we first opened Corazón del Pastor, we have been blessed to journey with Mariela through so many important periods of her life. Last month, we celebrated her quince años, one of the biggest events in a teen girl's life, and it was amazing!

We are so proud of this sweet girl, who has overcome so many challenges, and despite being dealt a terrible hand in her infancy, is one of the most optimistic girls in the home.
Mariela Image Mini pizzas - yum! - ready for the oven. Mariela Image The girls of Corazón del Pastor were incredible helping get everything ready for the celebration. Mariela Image Mariela opted for cupcakes instead of the traditional cakes for her party - and they were a huge hit. Mariela Image Cristina getting into the decorations before the guests begin to arrive. Mariela Image Agustina and Zamora dancing with Sandra as the party preparations are finalized. Mariela Image Paola and Paulina help the younger girls with their dinner. Mariela Image Tía Caitlin dancing with Marta. Mariela Image Mariela making her entrance with Tío Tyson. Mariela Image Some of the tias joining Mariela for a photo in her giant photo frame. Mariela Image Mariela, along with her ladies in waiting - Alandra, Bryssa, Karina and Martina. Mariela Image And of course - the waltz! Mariela Image Paola offers some words of praise and wisdom, sharing how much we all love Mariela so much, and are so proud of the young woman she is becoming.
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