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  July-August 2017 Newsletter  
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Family Visits
From Abroad
Greetings from Cochabamba!

For the past couple of months we found ourselves in the middle of our summer service trips (during Bolivia's winter) where three teams spent time pouring into our kids and staff, and encouraging us immensely. The days are full, especially for the groups who are usually on the go from 8 am to 8 pm every day. Thank you to the teams from: Coeur D'alene, Idaho; La Jolla, California; and Arlington, Virgnia!

We hope you enjoy the photos of these visits, plus our other updates. If you'd like to bring a group down (it doesn't have to be with a church!) please send us a note and we'll give you all the details :)

Peace and Blessings,
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Team Coeur D'Alene
What happens when you take six people from one of the most scenic cities in the U.S. and add science, soccer balls, sidewalk chalk, fun and enthusiasm? You get a week filled with curiosity, laughter and active learning. Thank you Diane, Derek, Carol, Mike, Kierstie and Tyler for the lasting memories, and for fixing up the countertops at CDP and installing a door to our pre-Sendero apartment!
CDA Image Kierstie helps her sponsored child Claudia draw a flower. CDA Image Samuel gets into putting his handprint on the mural as Cristina looks on. CDA Image Carol and Mike make a great remodelling team. CDA Image Diane shows Timoteo and Manolo how to shoot the balloon rocket. CDA Image The finished door to the Pre-Sendero apartment. CDA Image Derek and Samuel play a version of tic-tac-toe. CDA Image Carol teaches Clara and Samuel a new game. CDA Image Kierstie helps Timoteo with his recorder finger placement. CDA Image Mike and Ramiro have an inside joke. CDA Image Fun with balloons!!! CDA Image Diane and Tyler test their marshmallow structure to Martina's delight.
La Jolla Image
Team La Jolla
It was a blessing to have our second group of the summer/winter to join us from La Jolla (with one team member hailing from Arizona). Reading and gardening where the biggest winners of the week as well as a special peña with a mariachi band and traditional Bolivian music. Thank you Barb, Julia, Melissa and Susanna for your loving support, and for setting up some stellar gardens in both our homes!
La Jolla Image Melissa reads "The Cat in the Hat" to the boys. La Jolla Image Julia helps Claudia, Alandra, Johana and Nohemi work on their bracelets. La Jolla Image The middle and older girls work on coloring a new zippered pouch. La Jolla Image Barb and Melissa prepping to install a hanging ceiling in our new Caminos Abiertos program. La Jolla Image Susanna working hard to help create a new garden. La Jolla Image The beautiful new garden at Pedacito de Cielo boys' home. La Jolla Image The Mariachi band, playing at our folkloric festival in honor of Paola's birthday. La Jolla Image Paola dancing with her son, Mateo, who also was the driver for the team. La Jolla Image Some of the boys presenting a traditional dance. La Jolla Image And the girls showing another. La Jolla Image Melissa and Tomas dancing.La Jolla Image Bittersweet goodbyes.
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Sendero Move!
When we first opened our Sendero de Esperanza transition home in 2014 in a 2-bedroom apartment, we knew that it would be temporary. With so many teen girls living in Corazón del Pastor, it was inevitable that we would need more space as the years went on. Currently, only three young women are a part of the program; however, by the end of 2018, that number will likely go up to 8!

With this in mind, and due to some security concerns at the apartment complex, we have moved into a larger house that has room to grow. It is located near our pre-Sendero apartment, which will allow for more frequent joint activities, and a more consistent presence of our transition coordinator.

The move went smoothly thanks to the elbow grease of the team from Restoration, and our young women are enjoying the bigger space and yard!
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Sponsorship Spotlight: Mari
In this newsletter's spotlight, we'd like to introduce you to Mari. Mari, who is 3-years-old, joined us, along with her younger sister, Sandra, in February this year. She came to us from a large home in the city where she had been living with over 150 other children.

The change for the sisters was a big one, and it took several weeks for Mari to adjust to the routine. She cried a lot, and demanded the attention she hadn't received early in life.

Now, as you can see in the photo to the left, Mari is fully integrated into the home. She has eyes like the moon - big and bright - and is incredibly affectionate. She likes to learn new things, and though she is still hard to understand, will talk your ear off if you give her the time.

By sponsoring a child like Mari, you help meet all of her needs, provide her with exciting opportunities, and become part of her extended family. If you would like to learn more about sponsorship, please visit our sponsorship page to learn how you can do so!
Resto Image
Team Arlington
Our final team of the year came just recently from Restoration Anglican church in Arlington, VA. This was our biggest team of 2017, 16 members in all, and included NCV founder Endel Liias. The team worked with the church our children attend, La Trinidad, to help lead their annual retreat. They also planned a ton of fun activities for our kids and staff, fixed the floor of our girls' study room, and helped us move our Sendero de Esperanza transition home! Thanks so much Alexa, Andrew, Bennett, David, Desiree, Diana, Endel, Eva-Elizabeth, JP, Kate, Laurel, Lauren, Macrae, Phil, Rachel and Wayne!
Resto Image Martina smiling alongside Eva-Elizabeth and Kate. Resto Image Our little Cristina, having a chat with our volunteer, Cristina, and team member Alexa. Resto Image Bennett and Fabian teetering away. Resto Image Eva-Elizabeth up at the Cristo with Sandra. Resto Image Diana and Cristina sorting out the string for making bracelets. Resto Image Andrew and Victoria searching for the right color of bead. Resto Image Wayne and Sandra sharing a special moment in the sun. Resto Image Zamora and Tía Maritza join the team in a bead-craft making frenzy. Resto Image Johana and Jhoselin taking a photo break with Cristina and Kate during the church retreat. Resto Image Paulina at the retreat with Alexa, Desiree and Lauren. Resto Image A group of kids and volunteers listening intently to Phil's story. Resto Image Fr. David and members of the team join Fr. Juan Cris and the leadership of La Trinidad to lead worship during the retreat. Resto Image Kattia, Alandra and Zamora posing after their dance number for our Cultural Fair. Resto Image Diego, Eneas, Luis and Pedro rest after an energetic "Tinku". Resto Image Agustina looking beautiful in her traditional outfit.
Everyday Fun Image
Everyday Fun!
There was a short two-week winter break in July, but the routine of school and activities continues. However, our dedicated staff makes learning interactive and creates space for fun.

That said, sometimes the routine gets turned on its head and it's all about fun! As you can imagine, no one complains. These include trips to Pairumani ecopark, camping with Scouts and enjoying our beautiful city of Cochabamba.
Everyday Fun Image If one person going down a slide is fun, than this is 4 times the fun! Everyday Fun Image A surprise movie night. Everyday Fun Image Learning and push-ups for Sandra. Everyday Fun Image Cristina practices her braiding on Jhoselin. Everyday Fun Image Ramiro, Marta and Tomas having some fun out on the patio. Everyday Fun Image Volunteer Camille and Pedro play pick up sticks in the warm sun. Everyday Fun Image Fabian puts away his backpack after returning home from school. Everyday Fun Image Tío Carlos is on homework duty with Marcos, Diego, Timoteo and Luis. Everyday Fun Image Paty and Luis play mastermind and Eneas tries not to give away the answer. Everyday Fun Image Camping for Nohemi, Zamora, Zuleika and Victoria with Scouts. Everyday Fun Image The tour of Palacio Portales ended with looking for the fish in the fountain. Everyday Fun Image A selfie at Palacio Portales with Tia Claudia, Tia Lucia, Johana, Sandra and Tia Vicki. Everyday Fun Image It takes a little while to get up to the river at Pairumani, but it's worth it. Everyday Fun Image Evelyn, Paty, Johana and Jhoselin scaled a higher part of Pairumani, which warranted a picture. Everyday Fun Image We said goodbye for now to Tia Molly, thank you for volunteering at NCV! Everyday Fun Image The beautiful smiles at Palacio Portales from Mari, Tía Claudia, Tía Vicki, Sandra, Diego, Tía Ninfa, Claudia and Marta (who is enjoying the pond).
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