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Greetings from Cochabamba,

For Bolivia, September has been full of political and social unrest. The government has been planning to build a highway, sponsored by Brazil, through a rainforest reserve that is home to numerous indigenous groups. President Morales believes the road will bring more development and trade to Bolivia. However, the groups were not consulted about the construction, which they believe will encourage illegal settlement and lead to the destruction of this sacred land.

Many of theses groups have joined forces and have been marching for weeks in protest. Recently, the police have used extreme force and violence to stop the protesters. This has left a bitter taste in the mouths of many Bolivians, and this week vigils and protests, roadblocks and strikes have occurred around the country. We pray for understanding and cooperation during this time of uncertainty and disorder.

However, despite the political disorder, September has been a very exciting month for Niños con valor! We not only celebrated our 5th anniversary, but we also welcomed our first ever vision team from First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue! Along with spending time and getting to know the children, the six-person team visited a rural community in Mizque. The children of NCV greatly enjoyed the gardening and projects, and we all enjoyed getting to know each member who came down!

Peace and Love,



NCV Anniversary!

On Friday, September 23rd, we gathered together as a NCV family, along with friends and supporters, Bolivian board members and the team from First Presbyterian Church, to celebrate our sixth year serving children in Bolivia! Both homes participated in the event, and the staff helped plan the celebration, the food, and the decorations, while the kids from danced to celebrate this special event!

NCV Anniversary image 1     NCV Anniversary image 2

Above Left: The back drop for the event, complete with pictures and flowers the girls made thanking NCV for the love, kindness, and support.
Above Right: Sisters, Nohemi and Karina, ready for the party!

NCV Anniversary image 3     NCV Anniversary image 4

Above Left: Manolo, the little angel, dancing to "Jesus Loves Me."
Above Right: The little angels of Pedacito de Cielo were so cute!

NCV Anniversary image 5     NCV Anniversary image 6

Above Left: Karina and Alandra, Nohemi and Zamora dancing Pesquita, a traditional dance from Northern Potosi.
Above Right: They were too cute in the traditional clothes!

NCV Anniversary image 7     NCV Anniversary image 8

Above Left: A group of the girls dancing the Taquirari, a dance from the tropical, jungle areas of Bolivia.
Above Right: Despite the cold and wind, the girls danced with no shoes and no jackets—what pros! Elena, Jhoana, and Pati seem to be having fun!

NCV Anniversary image 9     NCV Anniversary image 10

Above Left: Jhoselin recited a poem she wrote about Niños con Valor—it was so beautiful!
Above Right: Another group of the girls danced the Saya, a dance from the Yungas (jungle area of La Paz). It is a mix of Spanish, African, and Indigenous music and movements. Bryssa had a huge smile on her face the whole time!

NCV Anniversary image 11     NCV Anniversary image 12

Above Left: Abigail, Olivia, Tia Pati, Megan (volunteer), and Sofia getting ready to dance the Tinkus, a dance from Potosi that depicts combat.
Above Right: Vanesa and Adriana enjoying the dance party!

Over the past five years, Niños con Valor has blossomed and flourished in ways we never expected. But, the most important part of our celebration is seeing how much each child has grown and matured! We are so proud of the wonderful young children in our homes—they have overcome past traumas and are growing into such beautiful young women and boys.

First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue Vision Team

A small vision team from First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue, Washington arrived the day of our anniversary celebration! The team came down to get to know the different programs and ministries of Niños con Valor, in addition to building partnerships and possibly investing in the foundation.

The kids really enjoyed the time spent with the visitors, and appreciated the fun activities. The team took time to beautify the garden and make comfortable cushions with the kids of Pedacito de Cielo, and paint the girls' study room and help the girls plant seeds and flowers at Corazón del Pastor. We thank the team for all their hard work and look forward to a future visit and building a lasting partnership!

FPCB image 1     FPCB image 2

Above Left: Gretchen helping a group from PDC make cushions for watching TV.
Above Right: Dennis playing with Cedro outside. Too cute!

FPCB image 3     FPCB image 4

Above Left: Ken and Miguel working in the garden together. Miguel really enjoyed planting the seeds and digging in the dirt.
Above Right: Darla giving Marcos his new teddy bear.

FPCB image 5     FPCB image 6

Above Left: Bob and Mateo with his new bear: Mateo seems pretty protective...
Above Right: Gretchen helping Kattia plant some seeds.

FPCB image 7     FPCB image 8

Above Left: Dennis and Gretchen with little Alarico.
Above Right: The team receiving the banner the children made for their church in Bellevue, Washington.

FPCB image 9     FPCB image 10

Above Left: Rich hanging out with Miguel and Lucas.
Above Right: Ken and Bemabe having a great time!

FPCB image 11     FPCB image 12

Above Left: Bob receiving his shirt from Alandra at Corazón del Pastor.
Above Right: Evelyn presenting Rich with his handprint shirt.

FPCB image 13     FPCB image 14

Above Left: Darla and Zamora sharing a wonderful moment.
Above Right: Darla presenting Tia Evelyn from PdC with books the team donated to the kids.

ONE banner

With the vision team from Bellevue, we took a quick trip to Mizque to visit a new community, Chirimolle Pampa. This community has been growing smaller and smaller due to the lack of water and resources, including medical care and education.

First Presbyterian Church donated the money used to renovate the daycare center and kitchen. Before we arrived, the community fixed the walls, and while visiting, the team painted the two-room area.

ONE image 1     ONE image 2

Above Left: Ken painting the kitchen area.
Above Right: Dennis looking quite happy as he paints the daycare area.

While some members of the group were painting, some played games with and got to know the children of Chirimolle Pampa. The kids really got into the games, and especially enjoyed collecting the sweets we put on the parachute!

ONE image 3     ONE image 4

Above Left: Some of the community members watching the team painting. The children were quite interested in what was happening.
Above Right: Parachute games with the kids!

ONE image 5     ONE image 6

Above Left: The kids, and even some of the parents, were excited and enjoyed the games.
Above Right: Rich checking out the solar ovens First Presbyterian Church donated to nine rural communities in Mizque in August. The community was toasting pasta when we arrived, and said they have enjoyed using the solar oven.

With a very generous donation from Orkney Helping Hands, we were able to equip and outfit the newly renovated and painted daycare. We left games and balls, puzzles and art supplies, chairs and blankets, pots and pans, silverware and plates, which will strengthen the program and promote the importance of education.

ONE image 7     ONE image 8

Above Left: The items donated by Orkney Helping Hands and the team to equip the daycare. The kids were super excited just looking at everything!
Above Right: The team enjoying the lunch served by the community.

ONE image 9     ONE image 10

Above Left: Some of the women and children of Chirimolle Pampa.
Above Right: Gretchen was learning how to spin wool by hand from a few women of the community.

Finally, we don't want to forget to mention that we had lots of birthdays to celebrate this month! Abigail, Lourdes, Megan, Tia Pati, Paty, and Nohemi: the September birthday girls!

CDP Bday 1

We thank each and every person who has supported and encouraged Niños con Valor over the past five years. It is incredible how much we have grown, but we are looking forward to continuing to evolve and flourish. Our progress would not have been possible without all of you!

We also ask for your prayers—prayers for the country during this difficult time, as well as for the foundation and the children. We pray for many more successful years of helping the youth of Bolivia—one child at a time.

Love and Peace from the kids, the staff, and the volunteers of Niños con Valor!

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