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Currently home to 16 boys and teens

About the Home

Pedacito de Cielo (Little Piece of Heaven), located in the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia, was the first residential home in all of Bolivia that was specifically designed to serve the many needs of children living with or affected by HIV/AIDS.

Over the years, it grew to integrate children with diverse special needs. All of the boys have been orphaned, abandoned or rescued from violent home situations. Seen as a ministry, this home is run on principles that recognize the value of each individual child in God’s eyes.

We work hard to find adoptive families for the boys where possible, and for those who remain with us our goal is to create the most loving and family-like atmosphere possible for them to grow up in. We work regularly with relatives of the children where they exists, in hopes of restoring relationships where possible.

In addition to the important work of providing psychological guidance and social support, we work with each boy to develop a life plan. This plan is much more than a “what do you want to do when you grow up” sort of thing. Our desire is to help the boys understand who they want to be. We seek out opportunities for growth in each boy, challenging them to broaden their perspective and develop their creativity. Thus, we encourage participation in the arts, take them on outings to discover more about their country and culture, and offer them the opportunity to learn things like English and computer skills. In the end, all that we invest in our boys is not only in order to provide them with additional tools for success in the future; these things also help form character, which is the base of all solid parenting.

As this home is a life-long commitment to these children, we seek partnerships with individuals, small groups, churches and other organizations to meet the monthly needs of the home. If you would be interested in getting involved, either as a volunteer, by sending a team, or through financial gifts, please use the “get involved” link above to learn how, and be sure to indicate “PDC” with your correspondence. If you would like to read the latest updates of the home, or see pictures of the latest events, please visit our Facebook page using the link in the header or footer of this page. Thank you for your prayers and support!

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