NCV Team Information Package

First Pres CDA 2020 Budget

The Basics

Each team experience is unique, and thus the costs vary depending on the number of team members, the accomodations chosen, the number and type of projects being realized, and whether or not a team leader requests to include visitis to tourist attractions.

The budget indicated below, takes into account the details determined by your team leader. It may be adjusted should the number of team members change. Thus, in order to provide you with a final amount, it is important that the following timeline is adhered to. 

The Timeline

Your team is scheduled to arrive in Bolivia on July 15, 2020, and depart on July 21, 2020. With this in mind, you should meet the following requirements by the dates indicated:

Finalized Team Membership (6 months before arrival): January 15, 2020
Submitted Team Member Applications (5 months before arrival): February 15, 2020
50% Transfer of Trip Funds (3 months before arrival): April 15, 2020
Balance Transfer of Trip Funds (1 month before arrival): June 15, 2020

On our end, once we have reviewed and approved all applications, we will provide a finalized budget and team schedule by March 15, 2020 (4 months before arrival).

We recommend that your team leader establish additional deadlines for the purchase of your international flights, submission of visa applications, vaccinations, etc., to avoid delays and complications. The price of flights often increase as travel dates approach, and while visa applications can be processed within a couple of weeks, it is better to apply at least 2-3 months in advance.

The Budget

Based on a team of 7 members, 8 days (7 nights) in-country, staying in Hotel Aranjuez (incl. early arrival).

Exchange rate 6.85 BOB = $1 USD

Description Cost (BOB) Cost (USD)
National Airfare 6,734 983.07
Hosting (administration, extra staff support, accommodations, food, transportation, etc.) 27,105 3,956.93
Reality Tour and Sociopolitical Presentation 3,410 497.81
Activity and Project Costs (NCV, La Trinidad, Staff Appreciation) 10,000 1,459.85
TOTAL 47,249 6,897.66


  • This budget includes only in-country costs. International airfare, visa fees, travel insurance and vaccinations are not included
  • It is the team leader’s responsibility to work with the team to determine group/individual contributions towards the team total
  • Any funds not spent at the end of your mission experience will be converted to a donations towards the operating costs of the NCV programs you are supporting

7 + 15 =

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