November 2020 Newsletter Gallery

Friendship Day Gallery

Every year on July 23rd, we celebrate “Día de la Amistad” in Bolivia. Our kids exchanged cards, gifts and – most importantly – HUGS!

Lockdown Baking Gallery

One activity that all of our kids, teens and young adults have really enjoyed during the 8 months they have been stuck at home – is baking!  Here are some baking photos from the past several months, and though we can’t figure out how to share the taste and smell of their creations online, you can take our word for it… DELICIOUS!

Outdoor Games Gallery

As the weather has continues to get warmer (we are entering into our summer season here) we are spending even more time outside. We are so grateful for all of the space we have in our new house! Check out some of the photos from the many different outdoor activities we’ve shared in over the past few months.

Gardening Gallery

It isn’t all “play” outside, however. Our kids have been working hard to maintain the yard, our teens in our Camino’s program have managed to plant, nurture and harvest some amazing, organic veggies – and we were even able to grow our own sunflower seeds!

Bolivia Day Gallery

Every August 6th, Bolivians around the world celebrate Bolivian Independence Day. Our kids love to dress up, make crafts, and eat traditional meals (especially the eating part:)

Spring Events Gallery

Our staff have no limit to their creativity. In addition to our “Friendship Day” and “Bolivia Day” activities mentioned above, since our last newsletter our special events have included a Poetry Contest, a Fashion Runway and a Celebrity Dress-Up Party!

Indoor Activities Gallery

Not everything that goes on in our programs takes place outside. Our children have continued to attend their classes online (and are wrapping up at the end of the month). They also love to do crafts, play games, participate in Zoom games with their Scout troops, and just hang out with each other. Here are some photos from what has been happening inside the homes these past months.

Birthday Gallery

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