The team from Canada left on Saturday, but our sadness over their departure was uplifted by the festivities of “Día de la Patria Bolivia” (Bolivia’s  Independence Day – August 6th). In the afternoon I was able to head downtown to the Prado with Tia Andrea and a few of the girls. There were huge crowds of people, I have never seen the Prado so full, but the weather was nice and the girls were in good spirits.

We watched the parade for a while as groups of military personnel, government officials, school bands, and other important groups filed past. Afterward we stopped to get Popsicles from a local vendor and then took some photos with three life-sized creatures from the famous movie “Ice Age.” With the departure of Tia Jeanette and the Canada team, the day was bitter-sweet, but I’m glad that I got to experience another part of Bolivia’s culture at the parade with the girls. Below are a few pictures from the day.


the girls with three of their Tias, including Tia Michelle and Tia Susan from the Commons team.

Lourdes, Abigail and Jhoselin at the parade

Lourdes and Abigail eating their yummy Popsicles!