Hey all, Kimber here, wish I had more time to write a more personal reflection about my time with Guillermo yesterday afternoon, but I do want to give you a quick update.
He is doing so wonderfully! Of course he’s sleeping a lot and can be a bit uncomfortable at times, but he’s strong and has great color in his hands and face. And he certainly retained his amazing sense of humor and personality. Most kids his age are cute, true, but this one is genuinely hysterical on top of his adorable face!
I spent all afternoon with him, and he was sleeping most of the time, but when he was awake, there were lots of smiles and laughs. However, just about every time I tried to snap a photo, he stopped laughing and looked like a deer in the headlights. I did manage to get a few cute ones though, and below you see Guillermo apparently doing a modeling shoot:)

Seeing him doing so well was so encouraging to me, and I just couldn’t stop saying “Thank you Jesus for this little life” And I know we keep saying this in every post, but seriously folks, thanks for all your prayers and support.