We’re excited to announce our newest daycare kiddos at PDC! Chale, 4 and his little brother, Acacio, 2 recently moved to Cochabamba from La Paz. Their mother was especially thankful to have found a daycare designed specifically for their family’s needs so quickly. Chale is outgoing and got right into the activities of the day, while Acacio is still understandably a bit shy with everyone. Chale is a very good big brother and is helping his brother get accustomed to a new place and new people. 
We’re always excited when new children arrive, but it was doubly exciting because we found out during the intake process that today was Chale’s 4th birthday! A rather impromptu party was put together during naptime, and as you can see just about all enjoyed their cake and gelatin treat.
Acacio and Chale digging into their cake and gelatin
Chale just about to blow out the candle
Lily thoroughly relishing her unexpected treat of yummy cake!
Mateo extremely happy about getting his hands on some jello
We extend a big NCV welcome to Chale and Acacio, as well as his parents, 
as they all get settled into life here in Cochabamba!