It’s been amazing to see how much our little Guillermo has improved in the short time he’s been with us. He appears strong, he’s almost walking, he’s no longer malnourished, he has his few little words that he can say, he’s one of the happiest kids you could ever meet- a major difference from February when he first came to live at Pedacito de Cielo. It almost makes you wonder if he really needs such a risky surgery, but then if you take a closer look and see how blue his little hands and feet are, and how blue his whole body gets when he cries, you know he’s not as healthy on the inside as he appears on the outside.

Baby G with Kim on his very first day at PDC, February 19th.

July 4, Baby G at the hospital, being distracted from the oxygen tubes that bother him so much.

While we have been through the usual delays that are the norm here in Bolivia, Guillermo is currently in hospital getting his oxygen levels up and all the tests are being done to make sure that he can go in to surgery tomorrow. With the exception of constantly trying to rip his oxygen tubes out, he’s in good spirits.

Guillermo is one of those children who is very easy to fall in love with, he’s not only cute, he’s smart and endearing, with this little look that makes you know he’s a wise one, even for one so young. Knowing that this dearly loved child is about to go in for a high-risk surgery (especially for here in Bolivia) has been a difficult reality for all of us, and we all seem to be dealing with it in different ways.

However, we are united together as we pray for him and a safe and successful surgery, and we ask that you join us in praying for him. Even if you’ve never prayed in your life, now would be the perfect time to start. Pray for wisdom and skill in the doctors who will be performing the surgery, that the procedure will be completely successful, and that Guillermo will have a quick and complication-free recovery time.

Many thanks to all of you whom have been such wonderful supporters in both prayer and finances and have helped us give Guillermo a chance at a long and healthy future. We are constantly reminded that we would not be able to do what we do here without you.

Stick close, we’ll be updating the blog as things develop.