What to play with first?!

Guillermo in a walker with a stuffed ‘friend’ to help him stay upright.

Guillermo is in much better spirits since returning home, and with the exception of a bit of a cold he’s been doing well overall. He’s gained weight since being with us, and this is very important because the stronger he is, the better his body will be able to handle the surgery. He loves the juices and smoothies that Ana prepares for him…we’re still working on expanding the solid foods menu that he’ll eat.

Thanks again to all of you who donated so generously to our little guy’s surgery costs! We’ve been able to partner with Solidarity Bridge (check out the amazing work they do here), which means that we now have enough to cover the cost of the surgery! We still need to cover after-care costs, so if you haven’t donated yet, but would like to, click here.

This week is full of testing for Guillermo, as the doctors determine how they should proceed. Normally the multi-step procedure is done within one surgery. However, because he is so small, and this is a rare surgery here, they may decide to do the surgery in steps. The first procedure would allow his blood to be better oxygenated; this would allow his body to grow bigger and stronger before performing the corrective surgery. You can visit this website if you’d like more detailed medical information on tetralogy of Fallot.

Please be praying for continued:

  • wisdom for the doctors and our staff as we move ahead with Guillermo’s treatment
  • health and strength for Guillermo’s body
  • financial provision as we have not received enough in donations to cover his post-operative care

Thank you all so much for your continued support and care of our little fighter. We also appreciate your encouragement of the staff as we deal with all the medical details as well as the many emotions that accompany caring for one with so many special needs.