August has come and is almost over. With The arrival of August came the arrival of two teams from Canada. The first, a team from Hamilton, Ontario, led by a former volunteer, Tia Jeanette. The second was a team from Elevation Church in Waterloo, Ontario. This team perfectly fit their name as they worked hard to lift heavy items during the Pedacito move and continually elevated the well-being of the girls above their own interests. This was most visible on the days when they would come to Corazon after having previously worked a full day at Pedacito. Being tired and weary they still put all of their efforts into organizing fun and engaging activities for the girls and into giving the girls all the love they had to offer.

One of my favourite moments with the Elevation team was last Sunday when they organized a fun carnival for the girls. The team had brought games and activities for the girls to do and they even had face painting! The girls loved every minute of it. After the carnival, we had a big game of water balloon toss and after spending the afternoon outside in the hot sun the girls thoroughly enjoyed being cooled off by the water bombs. It was good to be able to see the girls relax, have fun, and let loose. Below are some photos from our Carnival day!