Alvaro training sesion

A nurse trained the tias to feed, bathe, and care for Alvaro’s special needs.

Since Alvaro returned safely from the hospital, we have been making many changes to improve the care we can provide him. Although Alvaro is very sensitive, he should get to be a kid too! We know how important his happiness is in keeping him healthy. In the new Pedacito de Cielo home, Alvaro has been spending more time in the school-room and play-room with the rest of the boys. He receives his meals in the dining room with the boys as well. We recently bought a feeding tube that administers his food more slowly and evenly than a syringe, which will hopefully ease his discomfort when being fed and ensure that he is receiving all of his nutrition and medications. We are all learning how important it is to not be afraid of change when caring for Alvaro.