Snack time!
Zaquiel enjoying the park play time!
Victoria having fun and eating delicious strawberry ice cream!

Yesterday was Dia del Peaton (Pedestrian Day) here in Cochabamba. The streets are free of cars and trucks, and filled with bikers and walkers, and children running and riding bikes, roller skating and skateboarding. It is a wonderful day for families to wander around Cochabamba leisurely by foot, enjoying the sunshine and company.

Because there are no cars allowed on the road, the kids from Pedacito de Cielo were taken home by the staff and volunteers to enjoy the day. Kimber and I spent the day with Zaquiel and Victoria, and it was one of the best days I have had! Spending time with kids always makes things brighter!

We began the day playing with books and playing cards, and watching a short movie. After snack, we headed to the park to play and people watch. Both Zaquiel and Victoria were fascinated with the people all around, and would point out bikes and tricycles, dogs and babies. After a while in the park, we headed towards the center of town for lunch. We had wraps, which were difficult to eat! So, the kids enjoyed eating with their hands–something that hardly ever happens! After a long walk back home, they napped well and were ready for the next adventure! We headed back down for some ice cream–an amazing way to end a wonderful, but very hot day!

Being able to spend time with a few of the little one really made my day! I enjoyed every minute, and loved how both Zaquiel and Victoria took everything in–the other kids in the park, the things in the apartment, the new food… The special moments of watching a movie with Victoria on my lap, helping Zaquiel climb the stairs on the slide, playing cards, walking and pointing out the sights will remain with me. I had a blast!