Being at Pedacito del Cielo I have the privilege of being able to watch and note the difference in children from the time that they first arrive and after a few days/weeks/months. The changes are amazing!

Here you can see Lily being absolutely swamped in her blankets. She was a tiny little thing when she arrived at PdC and now she is beautiful, strong and very happy independent little girl. She now gets up on her hands and knees and can stand up on her own, but holding on to something. I am sure than within a couple of days she will be crawling all over the place and there will be absolutely no stopping her!
And then there is Mateo, who was a premature baby. Talk about tiny! Every single time I see him I notice a difference.

He is getting rounder and longer, becoming more alert, staying awake longer and being able to focus so much more. I love knowing that I will be around for the milestones in his life, I am so looking forward to them!