The end of the school year is always a fun time for the girls–parties, presentations, and fun activities. This year there was tons to celebrate, including all the hard work and dedication of the girls. The schools hosted presentation days where the students preformed exercises and traditional dances, recited poems and sang.

At Santivanez, a local school in the neighborhood, the girls who attend did a wonderful job showing off their athleticism and dance skills. Johana displayed some tricks and exercises when her P.E. class created a routine of what they have learned and worked on throughout the year. She did a great job–showing her incredible balance and concentration. Elena also did some daring stunts and tricks she learned in her P.E. class–she helped support her peers while making human pyramids. Later that morning, Ana and Lourdes performed the Caporales, a very popular, traditional Bolivian dance. This performance was special because it was their last dance at their middle school. Next year Ana and Lourdes will be heading to high school, which they are very excited about.

The next day, Zamora and Nohemi got ready for their end of the year party. They both “graduated” from pre-kindergarten, and will be kindergarteners next year. Their teacher planned a fun, costume party to celebrate a great year, and both girls were extremely excited to dress up. With a little help from Tia Andrea, Zamora attended the party as a Flinstone girl, and Nohemi was a ballerina.

And, Sunday of that week, the girls from 14 de Septiembre had their final presentations. Bryssa, along with her classmates, did a traditional dance from Paraguay. She was a bit nervous, but did a wonderful job! Sofia, who will also be moving onto high school next year, danced the Kullawada, a traditional dance from La Paz that depicts the life of weaver and textile workers. She did a great job, but was nostalgic because it was also her last dance as a middle schooler. Cynthia and Jhoselin, who are in the same class, showed off the exercises they have learned throughout the year. Both girls showed their athleticism and love for sports. After, Evelyn and Adriana, who are also in the same class, danced another traditional dance with long, flowing dresses. Both did a great job, and were placed in the front because of their amazing dance skills. Finally, Olivia’s class danced and she did a great job! As a audience member, I could tell she was having fun because she smiled and laughed with her classmates.

Congratulations to all the girls for working and studying so hard this school year–we couldn’t be more proud. And, a special congratulations to Zamora and Nohemi who will begin kindergarten in February, and Ana, Sofia, and Lourdes who will enter 9th grade next school year!