This week we had two very special birthdays! The children are growing too fast, and I can’t even imagine how the staff and the directors of the foundation feel when the kids who entered as babies and toddlers are now becoming children. When I arrived over two years ago, Zaquiel and Karina were so little–Zaquiel was a baby, and Karina was in kindergarten, and now both are so mature and growing into beautiful, healthy, happy children! Felicidades, Zaquiel and Karina!

Last Wednesday, Zaquiel celebrated his 4th birthday! When he entered Pedacito, he was not even two. And since then, Zaquiel has celebrated every major milestone–his first steps, learning to run and jump, brushing his teeth alone and getting officially potty trained. He is an energetic, fun, spunky, and intelligent young boy, and enjoys playing outside, doing art, and reading books. We know the future holds a lot for Zaquiel, and pray that God continues to bless him.

Zaquiel proudly showing his school notebook!

The day after, Karina turned 8 years old! She was extremely excited to celebrate her 8th year, and we thank God for her life and her presence in the home! She brings such laughter and joy to Corazon del Pastor. It was so beautiful as her sisters each gave her a hug and kiss, and whispered, “I love you.” Karina had just turned 3 when she entered the home, and since then, has grown and matured into a beautiful and fun, sociable and caring girl. She loves to dance and do gymnastics, and is a diligent student.

Karina getting ready to dance a traditional dance–she loves to dance!

One of the best parts of working in both homes is watching the children celebrate birthdays. All the kids get excited about birthdays–singing and giving out lots of hugs to the birthday boy or girl. These are special moments we will never forget. I hope both Zaquiel and Karina have a very special, fun year, and that God continues to bless their lives and guide them.