We’ve been blessed to have great missionary doctors who have been able to help support us at Pedacito de Cielo. One of these doctors, Dr. Gordon Hannigan-Luther, has been wonderful in helping us understand Guillermo’s condition and what we should expect at each stage of the procedure and recovery. Below we’ve included his most recent assessment of Guillermo:

Here’s my best summary of how Guillermo is doing at the moment. Though we all hope for him to have fewer problems, it is also not surprising that he’s facing the battles that he is at the moment. It would be overly dramatic and pessimistic to say that it’s “minute by minute” right now, but he is in a tenuous time, for sure. He’s on many medications, not surprisingly. The 2 I mentioned that aren’t necessarily a “given” in his situation, and that indicate how sick he is, are melrinone and epinephrine (adrenalina).

However, they have him well-treated and have him well-controlled at the moment. His vital signs currently are excellent. He is not requiring much oxygen, really, which is a great indication that the heart repair itself is doing well. The kidneys are certainly a worry, but his age bodes well for him on that, and they often can recover from an insult like he’s had. The fact that he’s making some urine is a good sign. So . . . it’s a waiting game. The coming hours to days will tell a lot.

Paola, our administrator, who has been spending many extra hours at the hospital was happy to report that he’s been moved to another area of ICU which means that he’s improved enough to move from the most critical care area. We’ve been able to bring a few toys for him to look at (can’t play with them yet, so we picked fun musical ones) and some music for him to listen to.

We’ve been encouraged by the small improvements we’ve been seeing in him, and by the reports of both his doctors at the hospital and Dr. Gordon. However, we do recognize that this is still a critical time, and again we ask for your continued prayers for his recovery.