The girls from Corazon del Pastor chose certain classes to partake in over winter break. I had the opportunity to visit the classes one day, and it was apparent that the girls enjoyed the environment and learned a lot! As a volunteer, it was wonderful to see the opportunities the girls are presented with and how much they have learned from these experiences! It gave me a chance to see them in action and to talk with them about their classes and teachers.

Anglea took a class that focused on making art with things that are usually thrown away, including newspaper and tape rolls. She really enjoyed her class, even though she was the only young person who participated. Angela is still practicing and making a variety of vases, boxes, and containers out of newspaper that she hopes to sell. Many of the girls have expressed interest in learning this art from Angela. So, I look forward to watching her progress as an artist, as well as an art teacher!

A small group of the girls decided to take a class which focused on making things out of foam board, and they really enjoyed it. Some of the final products were picture frames, pencil holders, and wall decorations. Their teacher was extremely patient with the girls, and told me what a great group of kids we had!

                                                Diana was working hard to finish her project

                        Kattia’s final project was a success! She was very proud of the work she did!

                                         Mariela beginning her work. She was very focused!

The girls working and getting instruction from their teachers. They had a blast! It was great watching them!

Another group took a singing class and a few of the other girls took a guitar class. Throughout the day for a few weeks, you could hear guitar and singing. These girls really immersed themselves in the world of music. All of the girls greatly enjoyed the classes and really got into them. Every night I would see the girls doing art or practicing the guitar.  Even though classes are back in session, the girls still bring out their art materials or their guitars. What a great experience for every one of the girls, and I am so glad I got to be a part of this adventure!