It’s wonderful to be able to report a whole bunch of good news all at once…
Our first piece of news is that we can announce our first grant acceptance! We’ve been awarded a grant of $3400 by The $10 Club to be used towards medical equipment, diapers, and other care needs. Our deepest gratitude goes to Kelley Journey, one of our newest volunteers (actually she doesn’t arrive until Wednesday) for the connection, as well as Adam Roberts, the president of The $10 Club, and all those members of the club who have made this grant possible. May this just be the beginning of a windfall of grant monies that would allow us to grow in the direction we feel led to go!
A fun fact for all of you whom have been following Guillermo’s journey through this surgery and recovery period: he is walking!! We knew it would be any day now, and he probably would have been walking at the hospital if they had let him, but he’s had to delay this milestone for quite some time now. We’ll try and capture it on video so we can share with all of you.
Our last announcement is the arrival of another child at Pedacito de Cielo! Zaquiel (zah-key-ell) had a much anticipated and delayed arrival as we negotiated the ins and outs of getting a child transferred from one children’s home to another. The home he comes from felt that he would be able to receive better care at PDC where his special health needs could be met. He’s a sweet chubby 14 month old who has seemingly made a good transition to the home. He’ll be a great playmate for Guillermo once he’s out of isolation. Welcome Zaquiel!
Zaquiel on his first day with us, enjoying playing with the other children.

Feigning shyness, Zaquiel turns to Tia Evelin for protection from the camera.