2013-12-17 13.47.56Oh how hard it is to let you go, baby Alvaro; after all your suffering to finally let you rest. On Friday we congregated to say a our final words to you and to share together in your honor. Your long delicate eyelashes rested lightly on your cheekbones, and your angelic face was at peace. I will cherish this image of you sleeping forever. Your white balloons soared higher and higher into the brilliantly blue sky until they looked like specks, and at last escaped our sight. We will never look into your large dark eyes, taking in more than we give them credit for, or hold your clenched hand and feel it relax in ours. But you will always be with us, Alvaro. I can promise you that I will never forget you—your tenacious will to survive and defy doctors’ verdicts time and time again, your love for humanity and how the sound of the other kids’ voices brought you tranquility, the life lessons you taught me in spite of your young age, and the joy you brought to all those who knew you and cared for you. As we gathered to say goodbye and celebrate your abundant albeit short life, you continued to bring us together and make us smile. All of the boys and girls of Pedacito de Cielo and Corazón del Pastor, their loving tías, friends, and family, spent the afternoon together, sharing lunch on a perfectly sunny day. In spite of the sadness, it was a beautiful day, full of love and laughter. We felt your warmth and took comfort in knowing that you are in a good place. Goodbye Alvaro. 2014-04-25 12.57.22 2014-04-25 12.57.36