As a volunteer, I have had the privilege of attending all three quince celebrations, and they have all been very different, but very beautiful. Each girl decides the details of her celebration, which is another step to maturing and growing. And, each of the parties has been a blast to attend. The girls and the staff all make their way to the dance floor, laughing and enjoying the company. I think some of my favorite memories are dancing and laughing with the girls!

Although I have only been a volunteer since June with NCV, I feel so much a part of the family, and am overjoyed as I watch the kids grow and mature. The quince celebrations really are a time of joy that the entire NCV family helps celebrate! As I watched Camila waltz with Tyson and collect her fourteen roses, I felt such pride and happiness to be a part of an organization that gives such positive support and assistance to the children of Bolivia. I also felt like a proud big sister as Tia Maritza gave a beautiful speech about Camila’s time with the foundation and as I danced with a group of the younger girls. These are the memories I will never forget!

Tyson wrote about how amazing it is to see the growth of the kids and the foundation over the last four years, but the growth I have seen in just six months has been astonishing! Each day the girls and little ones are maturing, and it really is a beautiful process to be a part of. As I look back at pictures from June, shortly after I arrived, I am shocked at the physical growth of the kids in both homes. But even more shocking is how all the kids have matured and blossomed, as they develop their personalities and learn more about themselves.

Camila’s quince was a blast! It is always fun for the girls to dress up and dance. The food was amazing. Camila looked stunning as she walked down the stairs for her presentation. Another successful quince for NCV! And, I look forward to the many celebrations to come!