Guillermo will be entering the hospital early tomorrow morning to start the tests and preparations for the first phase of his surgery. The actual procedure is scheduled for Thursday and involved connecting a shunt to two arteries essentially bypassing the damaged area of his heart so that his blood can be oxygenated properly. This will allow him to gain enough weight and strength to be able to withstand the actual corrective surgery.

We again ask for you to be keeping this little one in your prayers over the next few days, he’s got a cough, and we want to make sure that the surgery won’t be delayed because of it. He’s got a strong spirit and we’re looking forward to watching this one grow like a weed. Although he hasn’t gained a lot of weight over the past month, he is able to sit up on his own and flip himself over which are definite developmental improvements.

Please also be praying for the doctors involved in this surgery. While Guillermo is able to go to the best vascular surgeon in Cochabamba, they have not done this type of procedure on one so small, so be praying for wisdom and skill as they work on his heart.

Not surprisingly, there seem to many things all happening at once, so be praying for the staff as we all do extra time to provide coverage at the hospital and still manage our other responsibilities.

So many of you have really connected with Guillermo and we get lots of requests to know how he is doing. Starting tomorrow, you can check in to the blog and get daily updates on how he is doing while he is in the hospital. Thank you all for pouring out your love and care upon him.