We have entered a contest on Facebook to win $50,000. If you are on Facebook we please ask you to join our cause. To do so, click here to be connected to the page where you can join. After you a member of of the cause, or if you already are, we are asking you to donate as little as $10. You sign on and make a donation through facebook and they will send you a tax deductible receipt.

If we get the most members to make donations, we will win $50,000 in this challenge. It is based on number of people who make donations, not the amount of the donation. We are asking all of our friends and family to join the cause and make a small contribution. From Bolivia we are hoping that you will invite all of your friends and family to join and donate as well.

With the giving of $10 you are helping us to reach the goal for the challenge. Winning the top donor amount of money would be very exciting for our organization. We are looking to grow and have a lot of vision for the future. Our dream is buy our own land for a sustainable Bolivian run community and this money would get us so much closer!

You can help and make a huge difference with just ten dollars. All of our small donations can turn into the awesome prize of $50,0o0. We hope that you will join and donate! Keep reading the blog and watch our for the cause to see if we win!
Thank you! Please please please donate!