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I am: 2 years old and was born on June 3, 2011.

The phrase that best describes me: I’m a softie 🙂

Things I like: Dancing! Giving besos, and playing with dolls and stuffed animals. I like to drink juices and sweet fruit drinks.

In the past 6 months: When I first got here, I only drank milk and I couldn’t eat anything solid. The “tías” at the home had a lot of patience with me and now I eat my food without complaining. I also had symptoms of attachment disorder and didn’t trust people, not knowing how to give or receive love. I was a light sleeper and moved a lot at night, often waking up scared. Now the “tías” pick me up making me feel secure and closer to the “tías” and to the other girls, and I sleep peacefully. I am learning to talk and dance.

* Name is fictitious to protect the child’s privacy