For the past two weeks, the boys of Pedacito de Cielo have had some exciting outings while learning how to make new friends. There is another hogar very close to PdC, Hogar de Suenos (Home of Dreams), and our friend is the director. Since both homes have kids around the same age, we decided to start having play dates to encourage social behavior and friendliness around strangers and other kids.

Two weeks ago, we all went to a local park and played. The kids were very shy and did not know how to approach one another. We tired to help them get to know each other, suggesting they ask each other’s names and ages. It started out slowly, but little by little they began playing together–pushing each other on the swings, helping each other down the slide, and playing tag. We decided that the more they were around each other, the more comfortable they would become.

So, this week, we headed to their hogar, or home, to play, and there was much more success! The kids were much more social and played with the other children. They had a good time pretend cooking in their playhouse and running around the yard, they enjoyed going down the slide together and playing on the see-saw. We stayed for quite a while, and even ate snack with the Hogar de Suenos kids. When it was time to say good-bye, the PdC kiddos wanted to stay longer and play.

Because it is important for the kids to know how to make friends, and how to treat friends, we are definitely planning more play dates, which the boys of PdC are definitely looking forward to!