We decided to celebrate the PDC kids’ first visit to the new home in a big way, we had Nohemi’s 4th birthday party! We brought all the trappings including two cakes and a giant pinata.

The kids had lots of fun exploring the new house and absolutely love all the outdoor space they have. The girls who weren’t marching in the school parade for Independence Day came along to celebrate, and many asked me why they couldn’t be the ones moving to a new home. Clearly the new home is a hit with everyone!

All the kids under the car port enjoying their new yard.

Nohemi about to blow out the candles on her cake.

Marcos obviously happy about getting to sit next to his best bud Nohemi.

Nohemi smiling! It seemed that every time we tried to snap a photo, she would hide her smile.

Nohemi opening her gift with Tia Maritza as the other girls look on.

What are these guys up to?!?

Happy 4th Birthday Nohemi!