Guillermo sure does like to keep us on our toes- just when we think he’s completely on the mend, the doctors felt he needed to go back into ICU. They had discovered that his lungs had filled with fluid and they ended up taking a liter out, which seems amazing since he’s not that big. Once they drained the liqued though, they rather quickly released him from ICU since he’s got a very strong will and prefers to be with us all the time (read that: likes to cry a lot unless we’re there).

We’ve talked to the doctors several times, and we’ve had our doctor talk to their doctors, and honestly, there’s no real clear answer as to why we’re seeing fluid build up this late after the surgery. What appears to be the most likely scenario is that the right ventricle is not working at 100% just yet and so the lung-heart relationship is not totally repaired, which is why we’re seeing the fluid build-up. Of course that’s a very watered down version, but what we’re encouraged by is Guillermo’s continued strength through all of this and the doctors’ opinion that he’ll be home soon.
As always, when we know more, you’ll know more.