The newest addition to the NCV family arrived a few days ago with no clothes and no name. Born at 30 weeks and not much background history, he came to live with us at 47 days old weighing in just over 4 lbs. We’re grateful that thus far, there have been no medical problems. Our doctor has forewarned us to be on the lookout for the usual preemie issues, but so far, he’s been a joy…okay, he’s still waking up every hour at night to be fed which might not be such a joy for the night tias… but who could begrudge this wonderful little guy?
At our staff meeting on Friday we got to choose his name, the third place name, Mateo, will be the one we will be using for all of our media. Mateo means “Gift of God” and it certainly is a befitting name, especially seeing the way he’s always wrapped up in a billion blankets, just like a little present. Thanks goes to Jennifer over at Casa de Amor for lending us her preemie outfits for Mateo until we can get our own. Even in the smallest newborn outfits we could find, he was swimming in them!

If anyone has preemie clothes that they’d like to donate, please let us know! We’ll make sure they make it down this way.