Yesterday, December the 1st, was World AIDS day and in solidarity with the other groups who are working to promote awareness, Niño con Valor played their part. The girls from Corazon del Pastor danced absolutely beautifully, as did Amanda, but i shall leave one of the volunteers from CdP to write about that, while I will just boast in how cute our kids from Pedacito were yesterday as they behaved so well in the blistering heat. My goodness, they were just adorable! The tias did such a wonderful job of getting the kids all dressed up, and I think the kids enjoyed being in their costumes. They also had a great time being out and about, although one or two were a little overwhelmed by the amount of people and heat. I was very proud of how well they behaved. Here are just a few pics of our little cuties.

Raeka as a beautiful fairy princess

Manolo as a gorgeous wee mouse!

Zaquiel and Lucas chilling in the stoller.

The cutest vampire and mouse you’ll ever see!