I didn’t post last week, but wanted to share a bit about the great time my family had with Marco on the Dia del Peaton, which Megan wrote about last week.

Our family loves these days, walking around the (mostly) car-less streets, the kids speeding around on their bikes and trikes, seeing folks from the neighbourhood doing the same.

For Marco, getting on a bike with training wheels was new – and he wasn’t afraid one bit.

We stopped for ice cream at a local store, and he inhaled it so he could get back on his bike as soon as possible.

Then (good sign Evelyn and Feala) he was just as excited to due homework with my daughter, who is the same age.

I have been working with NCV over 5 years now, and sometimes hanging out at Corazon del Pastor and Pedacito de Cielo, you sort of forget the backgrounds of these kids. Thanks to generous supporters and a vision that believes in given each child individual attention and opportunities, our kids live the most normal lives I think we can give them for being a children’s home.

However, days like are not only fun, they also break my heart. Marco had such a blast, was able to do things for the first time that my three kids often take for granted, and it sucked to have to sent him back to a kids’ home. I can’t thing of any other kids’ home in the city that he would be better off at, yet it is sad that because his parents are no longer together, are not stable, and are not healthy, he cannot live with them.

So, let’s keep providing the best care possible, and let’s keep praying hard that these kids would be able to someday live in healthy families where they don’t have to wait for special days like Dia del Peaton to get this kind of attention.