While we were so relieved to have initially gotten such positive news about Guillermo’s surgery, we knew that the recovery period is just as crucial as getting through the surgery. Unfortunately this morning we received some difficult news that there were two issues that had developed over the night.

The first is that the artery that connects his heart to his lungs did not expand the way they were hoping it to. They are encouraged by the fact that it had improved over the night, but it still needs to expand so that enough blood is getting to his lungs. If it does not improve, they will need to go in and operate again to try and correct the artery.

The second and most pressing issue is that his kidneys have stopped functioning. He is currently on dialysis, but we do not yet know if it is working. If it does work, he will remain on dialysis for the next few days with the hope that his kidneys will begin to function again. If it does not work, they will need to do an emergency kidney transplant.

We are so grateful to all of you for your prayers and support, we truly have been overwhelmed by our global family. Please continue to pray for Guillermo as he struggles coming through this procedure. Pray for the miraculous healing of his kidneys and his artery, that his kidneys will be fully functional and that the next time they check his heart, that the artery would be working correctly.

We will be posting more updates as we receive them.