Abigail just turned 11 a few days ago and here are the promised pics of her birthday celebration…

Abigail (in the yellow shirt) with her housemates celebrating

Abigail taking a very timid bite of her cake. Abi is a very smart girl and knows that tradition says she’ll end up getting her face pushed into the cake. The tias were able to convince the others not to continue that tradition:) Tradition also dictates that the person is supposed to get eggs smooshed on them and then have flour thrown at them. I’m really glad that the home doesn’t try and continue this tradition!

Abi, Paty and the twins look on as they try and figure out what kind of video game she received for her birthday.

Not pictured are the older girls who did a great job of making and baking the cake. They’re quite talented and have made some of the best tasting Bolivian cakes I’ve had in my 3 1/2 years here. It’s nice to see them come together to do something nice for someone else.

Well, I’m off to go continue organizing the clothes situation at the home. They’re all growing so fast, it’s hard to keep them in non-high waters…maybe we could just call them capris and they could wear them longer:)