Since we have started to blog more frequently here, I think the updates have been pretty joy-focused. This is, for the most part, the reality of our day-to-day here at Niños con Valor. This is also what we most want to share with those who, whether in their thoughts, prayers, or financially, are supporting our work and giving these kids a new chance at life. We feel that focusing on the positive, and not on the negative, is the best way forward, and the perspective we hope to instill in our children.

However, there are times when, simply put, reality is not joyful. Today, we received an unanticipated call from the hospital that the mother of Manolo, our newest arrival at Pedacito de Cielo, passed away. We did know she was ill, and this week had been busy trying to ensure she received the best care possible so she could recover and continue as an important presence in Manolo’s life.

We recognize that by opening up a home like Pedacito de Cielo, and by gradually working toward a model of integration in all of our homes, present and future, for children with immunodeficiencies, we are opening our doors to mourning. Many of our children may not have long lives ahead of them; it is our mission to make them as long as possible, and more importantly, make them rich and full of joy.

Also, as most of the children have acquired their conditions from their parents, either through genetics or transmission, we are opening our doors to suffering families. Here is where, for us, the true meaning of compassion is most present. Manolo is suffering. Compassion, or “to suffer alongside”, is at the very core of our mission as foundation in general, and our mission to each child specifically.

Please join us through your prayers in reaching out with compassion to Manolo, his grandmother, and other family members who already live against great poverty, and now have this loss to deal with.