Hey all!
This blog-entry is the first one I’ve actually ever done, so I’m kinda excited! I’m one of the volunteers with NCV, and I’m from the U.S. Lately, Ninos has been pretty crazy. A lot of the staff have been working like crazy on alllll kinds of things. We currently also have a team here from Canada, which has been a lot of fun for both the kids and the other volunteers too! Part of their team will leave tomorrow morning, and the other half will stay another week. Last night, we had pizza with the girls and the team. A REALLY big pizza. Three or four of them actually. After that we played a bit of futbol on the back patio, which I think the girls really loved. I know I did! (I ended up having the heel to my boot kinda come off…but that’s likely what you get for playing soccer in boots.) Sidenote: Heels in Spanish can just be called ‘tacos’, which is just taking my a while to get used to. I get comments a lot of times on my ‘tacos’ and hear people talking about these cute tacos and how much those ones were ect. Every time, my first thought is not shoes.
today was a long one. The team and some of the volunteers went to La Cancha this morning, which, for those of you that may not know, is the big HUGE market. There’s all kinds of things there to buy. Everyday things and then the not-so-everyday. Like any number of things from the witch market. Which may include llama fetus’. I managed to miss that part. Oh darn. After that little adventure we headed back to Corazon to hang out for a while and eat lunch. What we weren’t expecting was to be having a despedida, or going away party for Camila. I don’t fully understand the entire situation, but I do understand that she is not living here in Coch anymore. It was a hard afternoon for all of us. Even some on the team who’d only known her since they arrived less than a week ago to meet the girls. She’s going to be missed very very much, that I am sure of. I myself am going to miss hearing “Aaaaaay!!!!! Tiiiiiiiiiaaaaa!!!!” or being poked in the stomach all the time. That and her sweet demeanor and smiles and silliness. Oy vey. We’ll just have to write her letters and send pictures and such 🙂
Tonight at Pedacito was the usual evening craziness before time to get upstairs to bed. I really just love putting the kids into fleecy footy-pajamas. It’s just so cozy and makes me remember my own what seems like forever ago.I love playing with the little ones and picking them up or snuggling when they’re just covered neck to toes in fuzzy fleece. It’s also fun to watch them carreening around and then hit the hardwood, where the footy part isn’t so good at providing traction. Slipping and sliding (or falling), they always end up coming to a stop at some point, pausing for a second to decide whether they’re ok or not, and then giggling or laugihing their heads off and continuing with the fun. Oh bedtime. 🙂

Perhaps it’s about time for my own bedtime…..