This morning, Paola, who has been the closest staff members to Guillermo throughout his time with us, and has been consistently at his side throughout the last few weeks, visited the little guy and left the hospital all smiles. Though the improvement seen in his kidneys has not been as much as hoped, there is improvement which is a good sign. The attending doctor said they hoped to be able to remove the breathing tube tomorrow as they think he is far enough along to start to breath without assistance. Though we are continually reminded that the road ahead is a long one, and one full of risks, it is such an encouragement to see our little fighter making gains after Thursday’s scare.


This is an excerpt from PDC volunteer Kim’s recent letter to her supporters after a visit to Guillermo this afternoon. Kim, like Paola, has been very close to Guillermo since he joined us:

I just left the hospital after visiting with him for almost an hour in the ICU. The prayers from around the world are working! I just experienced a wide range of emotions. The doctor I spoke with briefly was very kind but spoke quickly, with medical terms, behind a doctors mask. Not the easiest thing for me to understand! But the gist of it is that he is improving. He is still on dialysis but his kidneys are getting better. The only part of his body that isn’t attached to a machine is his legs! I was standing next to him, with my hand on his leg, praying for him when his hand started to move. I freaked out and called a nurse (they are NEVER far away) and she said, to my amazement, that he does wake up for short periods of time. That was totally unexpected! So I switched to spanish and started talking to him. And he looked at me and his eyes are well, he’s stoned! But they assured me that he can’t feel any pain. But that doesn’t stop him from feeling uncomfortable as he can’t move most of his body. the part that he can move, his legs, he moves like crazy. Personally, I think he is dancing along to the rock music in the room! He could see me and recognize my voice and that was a great gift to me today. I thank God that He allowed me to see just how much life this little boy still has in him. I still started to cry when he started to cry and needed to be put back to sleep again. And of course I went right back to praying. The nurse staff are fabulous. They were right next to me, talking to him, trying to keep him calm, watching his monitors. We can only visit with him 2 hours a day but I feel like I don’t have to worry about him as much in the inbetween times knowing that he is being well cared for by the nurses. He still has a long long road to full recovery but the doctors are optomistic and that gives us all hope.

So, with this hope, we continue to bend our thoughts and prayers towards Guillermo’s complete recovery!