Guillermo has been a real trooper during this past hospitalization. He really didn’t show any outward signs of being ill, so he’s been wanting to be on the go and it’s been tough to keep him settled and unentagled in his central line tubing. However, as you can see by the pictures below, we’ve been able to have some good (and terribly cute) times…
Guillermo obviously very proud of himself. He has excellent fine motor skills and excels at matching the shapes with the cut-outs.
When he’s older, and he can get online, he’ll probably hate us for this photo, but how hysterical is he?!

Clearly, he thought it was funny too, so we won’t feel too badly.

Guillermo is a very bright child and is learning new words every day. This book full of animal pictures is one of his favorites!
He’s also learning sign language- very helpful things like ‘more’, ‘thank you’ and ‘milk’

Enjoying some Bob the Builder, although Pocoyo is his favorite.

Really getting into Bob the Builder

Getting ready for naptime, his little panda was a big help in weening him off his habit of falling asleep with a bottle (something he arrived to us with). It was tough going for a while during his liquid restriction, but he’s gotten much better now.

Giving some love to his osito before falling asleep.

We get the latest set of test results back today, and if all goes well, he’ll be out of the hospital tomorrow. He’ll still have to be in isolation at the home, but at least he’ll be able to up and walking…okay cruising…around his room.
All the nurses remark about how much of an improvement they’ve seen in him since this whole process began, how much stronger, healthier, and happier. Thanks again for your continued prayers- they’re working!