Yesterday was a rare double birthday party celebration marathon. At lunch we got to celebrate Karina’s 6th birthday and in the afternoon, Zaquiel’s 2nd birthday.
Karina was sooo excited the weeks leading up to her birthday, but once the day finally arrived she seemed so overwhelmed, she wasn’t sure what to do with herself. Olivia and Valeria made her an amazing chocolate cake and decorated it all on their own. They’re getting quite good!
After the actual celebration and a little nap, Karina, came back downstairs very excited about her new baby doll, which came in a backpack, a big selling point for Karina, and the doll was dressed for our ‘winter’ so she was very happy about that too.
With our littler ones, they don’t quite understand that it’s their special day, but all the kids are excited for a reason to celebrate, eating sweets and the ever-popular piñata!
Zaquiel had a fun time, and was especially happy to have his mum be here to celebrate. We’re really glad that he was healthy enough to celebrate with everyone!
Zaquiel with his mum, doing the traditional first bite of the cake.

Thanks to all of you and your support of finances and prayer that make our children’s lives so blessed!