One of our main focuses as a charity is the care of our staff. We understand that by caring for and training up a solid team of caregivers, we are vastly improving the care we are able to provide for our children.

This year, we officially kicked off what will be a part of NCV forever – una cultura de capacitación (culture of training). We are working closely with the orgnaization Vivo en Positivo on the HIV trainings, and are grateful to KidsAlive and Nurturing God’s Way for the provision of materials for the childcare trainings.

Below is a list of the first set of weekly trainings we are offering our staff:

March 18: General Information on HIV
March 25: Biosecurity, Non-Occupational Accidents
March 30: Understanding the roles of God and Science in Raising our Children
April 8: Antiretroviral Therapy (ART)
April 15: Controlling Side Effects of ART in Children
April 20: Child Development and the Effects of Trauma
April 27: Cultivating the Ideal Childcare Environment
May 6: Opportunistic Infections
May 13: Controls, Vaccinations and Use of Non-ARV Medications in Children
May 18: Evaluating Progress in Children and Their Life Plan
May 25: Working with Children with Special Needs
June 3: Vertical Transmission of HIV
June 11: Understanding the Needs of People Living with and/or Affected by HIV/AIDS
June 15: Reflection and Feedback on the First Semester of Trainings

We will do our best to provide updates on how these workshops go. If you are interested in visiting Bolivia and providing additional trainings in an area you feel will help improve the care we are able to offer our chidlren, please contact Kimberly Setzer.