I’ll admit that I was worried when I saw the Commons Team laying down grass and planting vegetables and flowers at the new location of Pedacito. Because of the lack of water in Bolivia, it is difficult to maintain a green garden with living, thriving plants. However, the tias and the children have proved me wrong!

After breakfast and a trip to the bathroom to brush teeth and comb hair, the boys line up for their hats and watering buckets! They head out to the front yard and begin the meticulous process of watering each rhubarb plant, the few locoto pepper bushes, and the pretty flowers that are thriving in the wonderful Cochabamba weather. But, it doesn’t stop there! After the potted plants are saturated, we head to the vegetable garden on the side of the house. Each child is very careful to not step on a plant! The kids find such joy in tending to the plants and watching them grow! And, they have learned the importance of caring for something so it will flourish!

The tias have solved the problem of limited water–we use water from the washing machine to tend to the garden! We are not only helping our garden grow, but helping the earth and teaching the kids the importance of being conscious!

Every morning, I love to watch the kids carefully move back branches and diligently water the plants! They take such pride in caring for the plants, and watching their garden grow!