As Jeanette mentioned it has been a bit crazy at the girls home. Not bad crazy, but dealing with 22 girls each in a different stage of life with a different mood can be a challenge. And it’s hard to stay completely positive and not lose it. But I am trying and I love those girls so much that every day I do leave with a smile on my face having stayed an extra half and hour just to hang out.

Our tia who has been out with the hip surgery will not be coming back for another week, but we have hired two new ones. Our day tia, Tania who specializes in educational support is awesome. She sticks to the rules and is very patient with the girls. Still learning their names and personalities, she is gaining their respect with her activities and just the way she gets things done daily. Cynthia, the night tia is also great. She is so sweet and seems really good with the girls. I don’t know her as well since I don’t work nights. But they are both total Godsends, so it seems. They have both learned the ropes very quickly and the routine and schedule does not seem to overwhelm them. I mean, I’m sure they are having their troubles, but really I am impressed. It takes an incredible amount of dedication to do what they do. Their days are long and trying, and of course they are not swimming in salary, so I just really am so thankful for these women. And I am very excited for CdP and what this means for its growth for the girls.

Since so many of them are at ages where they are changing in so many ways, it is really great to have good staff and great volunteers. I must say that Kimber is amazing with the girls home. Since she has been spending time there, the girls are taking responsibility for their actions, which is not easy for anyone, let alone a seven year old who has been neglected her whole life. But all I’m trying to say is that I am really excited about the next few months. The girls are all finishing up their exams and will be on summer vacation. I know the volunteers have lots of stuff we want to do with them, so with the support of the tias, this vacation should be a great one. I am just so happy I decided to come here and have decided to continue my work for some time with Ninos con Valor because it really is something special.