Yesterday I was genuinely frustrated with things in life that are out of my control, including the long, unorganized process to get my second year visa.  But, there were numerous little moments throughout the day where I realized how lucky I am to live in Bolivia and to work with children who remind me how important it is to stay forever young.

While washing the dishes with Johana, we shared stories about our lives. Although she and her sisters did not have the most positive childhood, she has so much love and kindness in her, something that inspires me!

I walked to pick-up Zamora from kindergarten in the afternoon, and was greeted with the biggest, most amazing hug ever! (Her little brother, Alarico, definitely takes after her hugging skills!) She has a smile and personality big enough to light up a room, and her laugh is contagious!

Lourdes and I bonded over her math homework! I have never liked math, but helping Lourdes gave me a new appreciation for it! We shared laughs over completely wrong answers, and eventually finished all the problems between the two of us!

Evelyn and I colored for most of the morning, and I can’t remember the last time I sat down to color and draw!

Lunch time conversations are always a highlight of my day! I get to ask the girls about school and life, and always hear hilarious stories! Sometimes, we just laugh and laugh and laugh–something that is so important for a healthy, happy life.

These are the little, seemingly insignificant, moments that have made my time in Bolivia amazingly beautiful! Seeing smiling and laughing faces, encouraging the kids to keep trying and seeing their faces light up with success, watching Alarico and Mateo take their first steps, and the list goes on and on.

Here’s to many more little, insignificant moments that add up to something amazing, something unique!