The girls have been on vacation for about a month now, and things are relaxed and fun. They still have study time and only watch movies on the weekend, but the pool is filled and the house is decorated for Christmas. The Tias and I are busy making crafts to finish the decorations and keep the girls busy and creative .
The comedor at CDP decorated for Navidad!

After the whirlwind week of dance that was amazing and really fun, we are trying to focus on the photo project. Jeanette and I want to have an exhibition up by the end of the year, so the girls have been out and about taking pictures of the city. This week I got to take them all out and it was so absolutely fantastic. It is so important for the girls to get out of the home and experience the city. Their reactions to people who live on the street, different stores and cafes, transportation, food, and tourist attractions are all so interesting. I just can’t help but feel that’s it’s good for their world to be expanded a bit beyond the walls of CDP. The little girls love taking photos of the babies at Pedacito and I got to take the older girls to some art galleries this week. We ate lots of ice cream, and took many great photos, their eyes are really opening to the idea of photography. It’s been so fun, I can’t wait to edit and have the girls see all of their photos next week when we work on the computer and decide which to use. Stay tuned for some great pictures!